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Leo Centre is a hope for the hopeless, life for the lifeless and a voice for the voiceless. Many less-abled or disabled children have joined normal school after undergoing treatment in this centre. Aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture, acupressure, naturopathy, and yoga and magneto therapy techniques are used in this centre to attain a cure. Patients who have benefited from treatment like, for example, Vijay, a disabled boy, who won a gold and a silver medal from Ireland in an international athletic meet,  remember Dr. Nancy and her therapies with gratitude

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading provider of alternative therapy and medicines to treat all and especially "hopeless" cases and to give the patients a new lease of life leading towards a sense of fulfillment for all.

Clinic Profile

Dr Nancy has put in many years of hard work and innovation directed towards the development of alternative therapy and medicine. She has practiced many techniques, especially acupuncture to a high degree not available elsewhere in the world, including China, where it originated.

Leo clinic has over the years instilled such a trust and confidence in the community of patients that she has won kudos from all. The most common emotion is one of deep gratitude when cases once dismissed as "hopeless" were successfully treated.

Typical comments are:

I had severe heart problems over the past many years and recently; I was told that I had three blocked valves. Being diabetic, surgery was not a good option. Hearing of Dr. Nancy and her ‘miracle cure’, I started alternative therapy with her. After six months of treatment, I had a three dimension scan done and there was notable improvement in the heart blocks. I also felt very well. I do not get pain and I can do my daily work. Thank you doctor!

                                                Fr. Mathew Mangilath, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

After I was diagnosed by SRL., Ranbaxy as afflicted with Non-Hopkins Lymphoma I was advised to undergo chemotherapy at the Bangalore Institute of Oncology, when treatment provided was a course of injections under the supervision of a medical officer for 24 hours for possible side-effects like hyperacidity etc. Before a decision could be taken one of my relations suggested to consult Dr. Nancy who is practicing a new system of medicine called alternative medicines, which I did. Within 3 months of thorough treatment I am feeling extremely relieved of the lymphoma/ cancer, which I was suffering from. In addition, other serious complaints such as, gastro intestinal problems, osteo arthritis and liver dysfunction were attended to. I now find myself quite energetic and considerably younger!

Thanks to the new system of “Alternative medicines” and Dr. Nancy, a living legend in her own expertise, especially cancer.

                                                M. Ziauddin, Former Deputy Director-General Geological Survey of India.

...... and so on. Viewers can see many more testimonials on this web site. These are a few samples as not all can be shown on this web site.

The reasons for the high success rate of Leo Clinic lies in the innovative methods of treatment adopted by Dr Nancy. Normally, such clinics rarely adopt such elaborate, painstaking and detailed treatment methodology based not just on therapies listed on this web site but also on complex massaging techniques to improve the energy flow in a patient. These techniques include Shiatsu, Chinese osteopathy etc as also a specialized massaging tool developed by Dr Nancy. Details can be obtained by clicking here!!

Contact Information

Leo clinic can be contacted at the following telephone numbers and addresses. The clinic will be happy to advise prospective clients regarding their ailments and enable them to get an appointment for detailed analysis and further treatment.

+91 80 41130109, 22868423, 22863455
Mobile: +91 9008302069
Postal address
Mallya Audikesh Diagnostic Centre, # 55, Infantry Road, Bangalore 560 001, India
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