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Vijay Kumar, a disabled boy, with Dr. Nancy’s medicine has moved on to win gold and silver medals at an international athletic meet in Ireland.


I had severe heart problems over the past many years and recently; I was told that I had three blocked valves. Being diabetic, surgery was not a good option. Hearing of Dr. Nancy and her ‘miracle cure’, I started alternative therapy with her. After six months of treatment, I had a three dimension scan done and there was a notable improvement in the heart blocks. I also felt very well. I do not get pain and I can do my daily work. Thank you doctor!

                                                Fr. Mathew Mangilath, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.


I was suffering from Lymphoma from 4 months after my birth. After my 5th operations for this condition, somebody suggested me to try "Alternative Medicine". After six months of treatment I am almost normal now. Thanks to Dr. Nancy for relieving me of this problem, which hopefully will not occur again.                                                                      

                                               Manohar, Bangalore, Karnataka.

After I was diagnosed by SRL., Ranbaxy as afflicted with Non-Hopkins Lymphoma I was advised to undergo chemotherapy at the Bangalore Institute of Oncology, when treatment provided was a course of injections under the supervision of a medical officer for 24 hours for possible side-effects like hyperacidity etc. Before a decision could be taken one of my relations suggested to consult Dr. Nancy who is practicing a new system of medicine called alternative medicines, which I did. Within 3 months of thorough treatment I am feeling extremely relieved of the lymphoma/ cancer, which I was suffering from. In addition, other serious complaints such as, gastro intestinal problems, osteo arthritis and liver dysfunction were attended to. I now find myself quite energetic and considerably younger! Thanks to the new system of “Alternative medicines” and Dr. Nancy, a living legend in her own expertise, especially cancer.

                                              M. Ziaiuddin, Former Deputy Director-General Geological Survey of India.


Within five days of treatment from Dr. Nancy, my elbow pain has decreased and I feel stronger,

            Thank you doctor!

                                             Sindhu Ashok, Wicket Keeper, Indian Cricket Team, Bangalore.


For the past one and a half years I was suffering from skin problems and found no relief from other treatments. Thanks to Dr. Nancy my skin color improved, there is no more irritation or rashness and I feel relaxed and fresh, all within 3 months.

                                             Deepa Ashok, Bangalore.


I had no sensation on the left leg for the last one year and six months due to a knee displacement. After 3 months of treatment from Dr. Nancy I feel my knee strengthened and am getting sensation slowly.

                                              Mrs. Geetha Sreedhar, Bangalore


I was suffering from leukoderma and other internal problems for the past 17 years and found no relief from previous treatments. Ever since I took treatment from Dr. Nancy I find improvement in blood circulation, pigmentation, breathing, and energy level.

                                              Mrs. Jaishri Bhanjanga, Bangalore.


I had the problem of fatty liver for the past 3 years and just within I month of treatment from Dr. Nancy I feel improvement in lower reading of LFT, Elisa TB cleared, and sugar under control.

                                                Mrs. Elizabeth Abraham Roy, Bangalore.


My son Prasanth, 31 years old, was working in New Jersey, USA, during 1998-2000. In September 2000, he got TB, due to extreme cold. Since diagnosed much later he had TB Meningitis, which was severe. As there was no proper treatment and help he was rushed to Bangalore. He was treated in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore under Dr. Manjunath, Neurologist. After a pronged treatment he was cured physically but he had other problems like loss of memory, allergy to medicine and various after effects of medicine….. (see below for Prasanth's testimonial)

                                               Mr. Narayanamurthy, father of Mr. B.N.Prasanth, Bangalore.


“I had contracted TB meningitis for the past 5 years and found no relief in spite of the treatments from USA and Manipal Hospital but I feel improvement in all toxic and other problems, neurologically and above all in TB meningitis all within 7 months of treatment from Dr. Nancy. I forever grateful to you for the complete recovery.”

                                                B.N.Prasanth, Bangalore


I was suffering from TB when I came to Dr. Nancy in April 2005 and by September I find that I am no more a TB patient. Thank you doctor.

                                                Mrs. Prema. Bangalore.


I was a patient of severe pulmonary hypertension and had taken the necessary medication in the allopathic medicine. It had given me  little relief, which made me go in search of a better medical facility, which brought me to Dr. Nancy, a veteran in Alternative system of medication. She after going my reports assured me that she could bring my health back to normal. After 1 month of treatment I could make out the results. My pulse came back to normal and all other problems and irregularities disappeared. Earlier I hesitated to come out of the house but now I lead a normal life. This is wonderful system of medicine this treatment has completely changed me physically and mentally. This has given me lots of confidence that I can lead a normal life and dream like others.

                                                Mrs. Hemalatha, Bangalore



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   REENA LEWIS

LIFE was not the same when both kidneys of SNS  FAILED. No manner of treatment he underwent helped the dejected Delhilite. He had put on a lot of weight in no time and to add to his miseries his body began to turn black. But, like a ray of hope piercing through his deplorable existence, SNS heard of the alternative treatment offered by Dr. Nancy at Mallya Diagnostic Center in Bangalore. Fed up with allopathic and assuming he had nothing to lose, SNS decided to give a shot at this form of treatment.             

Following 10 sittings, his body showed remarkable improvement.

Sr. Nirmala was another patient who suffered from kidney failure. She too had a series of sittings with Dr. Nancy which proved to be highly beneficial.; so much so that she recovered 90 percent. Now, all that Nirmala needs to do is visit the hospital once a month for routine check up.

There are alternative therapies for kidney failure like magneto therapy, acupressure, and acupuncture. But Dr. Nancy has combined all these methods to treat her patients. According to her, patients with kidney problems respond quickly and in the same breath, she cites cases wherever the patients came to her as a last attempt to ease their suffering. For acute conditions, the treatment usually involves three visits of 10 days each for three consecutive months. And for chronic cases, six visits of 10 days each for six consecutive months are advised. A thorough investigation is done prior to the onset of treatment to ascertain the nature of treatment. Dr. Nancy has a tip for those suffering from kidney ailments: “control of diet is the most crucial aspect in hastening recovery". Patients have to strictly follow the prescribed diet, as for 50 per cent of them, cure is possible by simply taking the right kind of food.’

                                                 Vijay Times, Bangalore, Sunday, 29 August 2004.


                                                  SANGEETA CAVALE

            Hyperthyroidism has a long and slow treatment in allopathy. Homeopathic and alternative medicine practitioner Dr Nancy says she has treated and cured cases of hyperthyroidism in 21 days.

            Dr Nancy says that she treats the cause of the illness along with the symptoms. She also believes that every disease appears differently in different people. For instance, a patient suffering from hyperthyroidism was in a mental hospital as she displayed symptoms of mental illness. “The doctors could not diagnose her disease. A thyroid test showed she had hyperthyroidism and she was put on strict naturopathy diet, combined with homeopathic and Siddha medicine and a new treatment called vibronic therapy”.

            A 38 year old man had heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. He was put on oxygen and was told that he had just three months to live. Dr Nancy put him on a herbal juice diet for five days and treated him with magnetotherapy, acupressure and Siddha medicine. That was five years ago. The man is leading a healthy life today.

            One of the patients had three blocks in his heart. He was put on a strict diet combined with magnetotherapy and acupressure. He was prescribed a diet of fresh juices, bananas, sprouted wheat, steamed vegetables, hand polished rice, roasted sunflower seeds which are rich in Vitamin B6 for three months. Another 29 year old man had diabetes and high cholesterol. His blood sugar and triglyceride levels came down in four months.

            One challenging case was that of a 25 year old woman who had renal failure in both kidneys. With a strict diet and alternative therapies, today she leads a normal healthy life.

            “I believe that 50 per cent of the cure lies in what you eat as it is mineral deficiencies that lie at the root of many diseases” says Dr Nancy. She has even treated mentally retarded children with acupressure to activate their nervous system and magnetotherapy to increase flow of blood. “One mentally handicapped child was paralyzed and with one month of vibronic treatment and reiki, the child started moving and talking”. About five mentally challenged children have been able to go to special schools after her treatment.

            For cases of osteoarthritis, she recommends a diet rich in minerals and at least six months of vibronic therapy.

            Dr Nancy  is documenting her cases with blood reports of before and after treatment.

                                                        The Times of India, 05 March, 2001.





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