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Nature Cure
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Nature Cure, as it denotes by its name, is a system of treating the sick without medicines and drugs. It believes that the body heals itself.

Basic Principles of Nature Cure

1.Body heals itself.

2. Main cause of disease is enervation i.e., fatigue of nervous system

3. Deposit of toxins i.e., metabolic products is disease.

4. Acute disease is a remedial effort.

5. Fasting does not cure any disease but provides an opportunity to the system to heal itself.

6. Germs do not cause the disease but are found in the diseased conditions. The great thing is keep blood stream clear, free of toxic waste and slightly alkaline.

In Nature Cure there is no place for the use of any medicines. Through regular diet, disciplined life, spiritual outlook etc. man can get rid of diseases and lead a perfect healthy life.

According to Nature Cure, the following 5 health principles are fundamental for a healthy life:

1. Meals should be taken only twice a day.

2. One should consume at least 8 glasses of water a day.

3. One-hour exercise is a must.

4.One should offer prayer twice a day.

5.Observe one day fast a week.

Along with these, if celibacy is observed, one can get very good results.

Nature Cure stresses the following points as the characteristics of a healthy person:

-He/She will eat healthy food

-Cultivate healthy habits

-Enjoy all pleasurable emotions

-Give charity to others

-Treat others as equal

-Forgive and forget

-Help others in difficulties.

Such a person will be free from want and disease.



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