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Electro Homeo
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Electro Homeopathy is simple, unique, natural, harmless and scientific system of the therapeutics where the inherent powers (medicines) or essences of the vegetable kingdom are used on the basis of polarities (positive and negative relations) between the proper remedy and the [patientís constitution along with the drugs strength and itís ratio of organic substances. Count Cessar Mitei, an Italian physician, discovered it.

The word electro means the bio energy, which is present in the plants and collected by them in the form of potential energy in the process of photosynthesis.

The word homeo indicates the prefix homeostasis, which deals with the physical and chemical constancy of the cell or the harmonious relation between the cell and the lymph to maintain the optimum human performance.

The word pathy is the mode of the treatment by some definite laws. Count Mitei prepared 60 medicines (38 being very effective). Later Theodore Caruls, a German, filled the gap by means of complex remedies. Now there 38 original remedies and 22 complex remedies.

The basis of Electro Homeopathy

Human organism is entirely composed of 2 elementary things viz., lymph and blood. Health and disease depend upon the basis of these two liquids. Diseases are classified on the basis of cause, temperament of men that is due to derangement of blood and lymph.

Electro Homeopathic medicines are prepared from vegetables and vegetable kingdom. They are non-poisonous and act with remarkable rapidity.

Diseases cured by Electro Homeopathy

-Cancer, nervous problem, obesity, lung problems, nephritis, liver problem, muscular atrophy, heart and other circulatory system connected problems, problems connected with respiratory organs, venereal diseases (even hereditary\literally) problems of intestine, neurotic, germicide etc.


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