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Water in our body and water of the sea is the same. The water we drink does not contain the salts of seawater or those in our body. We get the necessary salts from  vegetables and other food. Sometimes, if we are unable to take enough quantity of such salts, there would be a deficiency of such salts in our body, which in turn cause disease in the body. When we take such salts the diseases are cured. Dr. W.H. Shusler of Germany conducted research on the same, which is now known as Biochemistry. He maintained that there are billions of tiny cells in the body and so if any of these twelve salts is taken in small doses, it will reach these cells of our body, and cure it and make it work properly. It is a logical way of assisting Nature with nature’s own weapons and as such is bound to impress itself upon the unprejudiced investigator.

Biochemistry, taken literally, means that branch of science which treats of the composition of living substance, both animal and vegetable, and of the processes of their formation.

Two kinds of substances are needed in the process of tissue building and both are found in the blood, namely, the organic and inorganic constituents. Among the former are, sugar, fat and aluminous substances of the blood, serving as the physical basis of the tissues, while the water and salts, namely, potash, lime, silica, iron, magnesium and sodium, form the inorganic substances, which determine the peculiar kind of cell to be built up.

Cell salts, (about one twentieth of a living human being), are the vital portion of the body, the workers, the builders; should a deficiency occur in one or more of these workers of whom there are twelve, diseases occur. Health and strength can be maintained only so long as the system is properly supplied with these cells.

Deficiencies by birth are found easily cured by the cell salts and once filled they never allow those diseases to affect the body in the future. If cell salts are taken together with other alternative therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, naturopathy, magneto therapy, aromatherapy etc, the possibility of diseases will be reduced to the minimum. They help to improve the blood circulation, activate the nervous system, revitalize the vital energy and keep one healthy devoid of toxic elements.


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