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Bach Remedies
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Discovered by W. H Bach, flower remedies, is system of medicine without any side effects. In Dr. Bach's day, conventional medicine had no real methodology to address the link between emotional and physical illness, instead, relied upon the use of drugs, which often did more harm than good. In an attempt to fill this void, he began his investigation and research. He identified 38 non-poisonous wild flowers native to the English countryside that when prepared according to a specific homoeopathic process he developed, had a profound effect on the underlying psychological and emotional states that influence physical illness. These special preparations became what is known as the ‘Bach Flower Remedies’.

The emotions play a vital role in the health of the physical body. Flower essences directly address a person’s emotional state in order to help facilitate both psychological and physiological well being. By balancing negative feelings and stress, flower essences effectively remove the emotional barriers to health and recovery.

Dr. Bach’s motto was ‘think of the patient, not the disease; the cause, not the effect’ and ‘treat the a state of the mood and, with the return to normal, the disease whatever it might be, would go also.’ Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs, flower essences, work subtly, triggering healing mechanisms within the body as they gently resolve underlying emotional stress.

Some of the conditions that are found improved due to flower essences are:

-Insomnia and nightmares, anxiety, boredom, irritability, mental fatigue, fear, lack of trust, impaired motor skills, cuts and bruises, residual physical pain related to stress, overwork, strained relationships and challenges related to school, emotions related to pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome and menopause and emotional traumas-originally as far back as early childhood.


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