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Aromatherapy is a unique branch of herbal medicine that utilizes the medicinal properties found in the essential oils of various plants. It is a complementary therapy- that is, a gentle way of helping to restore the body and mind to a balanced, healthy state, using healing essences extracted from plants, shrubs and tress. It treats the whole person, both mind and body. It is a very helpful way of treating stress-related problems. It relies on the use of pure and essential oils of various plants. It is a branch of Herbology and the study of “aromatherapy” may best be considered in the following four areas of application:

Aesthetic- the effects essential oils have on the beauty of skin and hair.

Psycho- the effects aromas have on our moods and feelings: also known as aromachology

Holistic- the integration of the divine into the body, mind and spirit.

Medical- the effects essential oils have in enhancing and maintaining a state of homeostasis. I would encourage aromatherapy for everyday pleasure and well being to promote freedom from tensions and stress.

The use of Aromatherapy can be seen as part of a lifestyle; a choice- a lifestyle that allows forever pleasure because a moment of pleasure ads healing. Simply put, aromatherapy is –using SMELL. It is an extremely pleasant and holistic way to promote positive health and beauty. Aromatherapy has a direct and profound effect on the mind and emotions of an individual as the sense of smell has a direct access to the human brain and emotions and works at a subconscious level to modify emotional behavior. The immediate and often profound effects that aromatherapy essential has on the nervous system also makes it an excellent method for stress management. Other effects include relief from physical and mental exhaustion, stress release, balancing of energies, charging of entire system, increasing vitality, purification, a new perception in attitude and  good things that happen with clean and energized chakras. Essential oils also act on the adrenal glands, ovaries, and the thyroid, and can energize or pacify, detoxify and facilitate the digestive process. The oils’ therapeutic properties make them also effective for treating infections, interacting with the various branches of the nervous system, modifying immune response, and harmonizing moods and emotions. Inhalation of oil fragrances may be one of the fastest ways to achieve physiological and psychological results. Inhaling the fragrance of certain essential oils can help clear sinuses or free congestion in the chest and can significantly affect the nervous system.

 Correctly used, it helps to keep healthy by improving the circulation, soothing the nervous system, reducing waste products and lessening the effects of stress. Consult the aroma therapist for proper guidance so as when to avoid it. It is never recommended to take aroma oils internally. It is very effective for bacterial infections of respiratory system, immune deficiencies such as Epstein-Barr (a form of herpes virus) believed to be the causative agent in infectious (monocleousis) and numerous skin diseases. It is also useful for other infections such as cystitis and herpes simplex. The immediate and often profound effect that essential oils have on the nervous system also makes aromatherapy an excellent method for stress management.

Aromatherapy and Depression: Aromatherapy works wonderfully to remove depression completely. Depressions of four kinds viz., reactive depression, hormone related depression, ongoing and severe depression, can be treated. Tranquilizers have dangerous side effects but aromatherapy is gentle and helpful alternative treatment and can used to balance the nervous system.

Many depressed persons have come out of it with a single sitting and now give hope to the still victims of depression.


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